You can tell the Perth summer is just around the corner, Ducted Air Conditioner sales in Perth are about to go crazy.

At Langler Air, we have been offering the best quality air conditioners with flawless installation service since 1995. Having completed 10,000 installations, we take pride in our ability to make our customers happy. Our extensive product range consists of brands we stand by including Mitsubishi, Samsung, Panasonic, Advantage Air, Dalkin, and many more.

Today our team has put together our top 5 most common air conditioner mistakes that you should try to consider and possibly avoid.  Tip’s that will bring your Air Conditioner running cost down and also extend the life of your air conditioning unit.

5 Common Air Conditioner Mistakes

Summer is already hard on our Perth Air Conditioners whether a Split Air Conditioner or a ducted reverse cycle Air Conditioner each unit needs correct operation to prevent unnecessarily burdening your Aircon (AC). These unintentional mistakes could be hampering your air conditioner’s performance and longevity.

1. Leaving the Curtains/Blinds Open during the Heat of the Day

We know it’s a simple one, although open curtains or blinds increase the transmission of heat into your room. Since our Perth regular glass conducts heat, your room will automatically heat up more with open curtains and blinds. When the air conditioner is working hard in the peak heat of the day to keep the temperature down, these open windows constantly transfer new heat energy in resulting in longer running time to hit your desired temperature.

At Langler Air we design total in-house ducted air conditioning systems. Our brand range of air conditioners are designed to perform even in the toughest Perth conditions, but we highly recommend the simple closing of curtains(even its if just during the peak of the day) will equate to lower running costs and money in your pocket.

2. Setting the Temperature Too Low

At Langler Air we size you the right split or reverse cycle ducted air conditioner for your home.  Langler Air can design you an Air Conditioner that will let you enjoy a chilly ambience in your house reminding you of winter, even in the scorching heat of summer, although small changes in Air Conditioning setting the aircon temperature can make a big change to your running cost. According to Canstar the optimum temperate for an Air Conditioner in Western Australia is 21-23 and South Western Australia is 23-24. Most organisations will tell you 24 is the acceptable norm in summer. Langler Air offers the best quality air conditioners that can substantially cool your room and create a pleasant ambience even on the hottest days in summer. Langler Air can also save you money, as we will beat any comparable quote on sales and installation.

3. Cleaning the Air Filters

Ducted reverse cycle Perth, Split ACs (really every type of air conditioning) unit requires a clean and unclogged air filter to deliver its best performance. The ultimate aim is to reduce the pressure on your cooling Air Conditioner unit and make it easier for the appliance to bring down the temperature inside.

Clean filters allow smooth airflow, and your Aircon does not have to push hard to regulate the air circulation. For the best performance we recommend that you clean the air filters every Month (we’re no good at this in our homes even).

Langler Air believes in delivering you a healthy home. Ask us about advanced features like air purification, dehumidifier and smart phone-controlled functioning, we ensure that each of our Air Conditioners are tailored for the long run.

4. Installing the Air Conditioner under Direct Sunlight

Langer Air has been doing this a very long time.   We know what Air Conditioner works in Perth.  We know the spot you choose to install your air conditioner in your home places a significant role in its efficiency. If you have a ducted reverse cycle unit, you won’t have to worry about this as much, however if you use a split Air Conditioning unit with the sunlight directly falling on it through a window, its work efficiency can decrease by at least 10%. It’s best to install the cooling unit in a spot that remains naturally shaded from the sunlight.

Buying with Langler Air also gives you access to our expert installation service. We understand it can be tricky to choose a perfect spot for your air conditioner, let our installation experts take care of everything. From selecting the right spot to finalising the installation, Langler Air are the experts. What makes us different is we have been designing and installing air conditioning systems in Perth since 1995!  Let our teams who have completed over 10,000 installations help you.

5. Not Understanding Your Options

Langler Air does things a little differently with our Air Conditioners sales.   We are open and transparent for starters, we even publish a Perth Air Conditioner pricing guide.  Langler Air also want to balance your budget with the best overall Air Conditioner system you can get.  That means not just the Air Conditioner Indoor and outdoor unit but also Controller options like Advantage Air– Energy Efficient Air Conditioning at its best! 

Advantage Air MyAir is a premium air conditioning management system that allows you to adjust the airflow in 5% increments to every zone in the home. With this technology there are no more complaints that one room is too cold or too warm.

The MyAir controller will eventually pay for itself by making your air conditioner run more efficiently. There will be a lot less over conditioning of rooms due to the comfort control and this in turn will allow your system to cycle off or ‘rest’ more often. MyAir reduces running costs.

Wrapping Up

Whether it’s our Air Conditioners, workmanship, customer service, uncompromisable quality, and the fact we won’t be beaten on any comparable quote.For the last 26 years, Langler Air have constantly been striving to offer our Perth customers the very best premium air conditioning units and air conditioning design services.

Drop us a line (or even your plans) to chat about anything Air Conditioning in Perth.  At Langler Air we love to bang on a bit about options or come down to our Air Conditioned office Wangara.

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