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When you set out to buy the perfect air conditioner for your home, you will have to decide on a ducted Air Conditioner or split system Air Conditioner. While the purpose of both these types of Air Conditioning is the same, there are a few significant differences that you certainly should consider.

At Langler Air, we aim to provide the best air conditioners for your comfort. Having completed over 10,000 installations, we know what works and only use brands we support.  Contact us to select the perfect air conditioner for your home.

Ducted Air Conditioning Vs Split System Air Conditioning: Introduction

Here is a brief introduction to split system Vs ducted air conditioners to help you understand the difference between the two.

What is a Ducted Air Conditioner?

Ducted air conditioners are perfect for office and commercial air conditioning in West Australia. Additionally, if you have a new or large home, it should be utilised for residential air conditioning. With Ducted Air Conditioning the air is cooled in one central location and spread across multiple rooms through ducts with the help of a fan. These are very common in public spaces like shopping centres, universities, and workplaces.

What is a Split System Air Conditioning?

Split System Air Conditioners are more common in smaller or older homes. In this example Langler Air would install multiple individual air conditioning units and compressors. And unlike ducted Air Conditioners the treated air flows directly from the indoor unit into the room without requiring any ducts.

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Ducted Air Conditioning Vs Split Air Conditioning: Installation

Split air conditioners are much easier to install. The indoor and outdoor air conditioning units are connected by pipes which does not require much work.

When you are getting a ducted air conditioner installed, you will be required to install ducts and vents throughout your house along with the outdoor unit. The ducts are installed mostly in the roof, which makes the installation process a little more technical.

However, air conditioning installation does not have to be that difficult. Langler Air’s top tip is to make sure you opt for the best air conditioner brands. Langler Air is here and happy to help.  Send us your plans via this link any time at all for a no obligation quote.   At Langler Air we believe in good old-fashioned service and that you are entitled to receive quality and reliable air conditioning services Perth.

Ducted Vs Split System Air Conditioners

The team at Langler Air ensures a seamless professional installation so that you get to enjoy a comfortable ambience at your home without any hassle.   We will consider your plans, home orientation, location, and unit running costs.  This will be backed up by Langler Air’s brand and installation knowledge.  You are truly in the best hands with Langler Air.

Which Is More Affordable & Cost-Effective In The Long Run?

One of the significant aspects of choosing the best air conditioning Perth is identifying which model fits your budget and will be more cost-effective in the long run. Comparing ducted air conditioning Perth and split system air conditioning Perth, a ducted air conditioner has a higher upfront cost. However, since one ducted air conditioning system is enough to cool your entire house, it usually turns out to be more cost-effective in the long run. A split system may be cheaper to run if you only intend to heat or cool on space at a time.

Langler Air are the experts who can assist you with our expert Air Conditioner Perth Installation knowledge. Langler Air works with many brands although there are only a handful that we know will go the distance. At Langler Air we only offer products from quality brands that includes Mitsubishi, Samsung, Panasonic, Daikin and Advantage Air.

Ducted Air Conditioning vs Split System Air Conditioning: Which One Is Better?

To help you select the perfect air conditioner, here is a brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of buying a Ducted Air Conditioner vs a Split System Air Conditioner.

Advantages:  Ducted Air Conditioning

  • Less internal noise than a split system Air Conditioner
  • Discreet and elegant, will take up less physical space than a wall unit
  • Maintains a uniform climate-controlled temperature throughout the house

Disadvantages: Ducted Air Conditioning

  • A more expensive initial cost than regular split system Air Conditioners
  • Not every property will have adequate space for the ducts
  • Harder and more intrusive to retrofit in some older homes

Advantages: Split System Air Conditioning

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Much more flexible than Ducted Air Conditioners you can choose a unit matched to room size for the most economical running cost
  • Cheaper and perfect for small houses/rooms

Disadvantages: Split Air Conditioning

  • Heating and Cooling only for that specific room/area
  • The wall unit will take up a little more space
  • Multiple smaller units may be more expensive to run than one ducted system

Langler Air loves to chat about all things Air Con Perth.   All that you need to do to select the perfect air conditioner is to give us a call and we will discuss your home, budgets and select the best unit for your home.

Langler Air

Air conditioners can be expensive if you select the wrong unit or given the wrong advice.  Langler Air will weigh up and present all options and brands before we proceed. Reverse cycle Aircon Perth to split system Air Conditioning – the number of options can be overwhelming.

Let Langler Air help you choose the perfect air conditioner for your house. Our quality products and experienced installers have positioned Langler Air as Perth’s most trusted air conditioner experts.

If you need an Air conditioner, visit our website and contact us now!  We will not be beaten on price for any comparable product.

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