Ducted Air Conditioning in Perth

Do you have a big home or a large space that needs to be heated and cooled? A ducted air conditioner could be the best option for you. Perfect for Perth’s unique climate, ducted systems can easily cope with the humidity and extreme heat that Western Australia has to offer. This allows them to provide the most reliable climate control in small homes, large spaces and even apartments.​

The team at Langler Air have installed thousands of Ducted and Split Systems. When you choose our team, you can be sure of an expert installation and the finest climate control Perth has to offer!

Introducing Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Modern ducted systems are the best choice for providing complete comfort through your home or office building. Ducted systems have the ability to serve multiple rooms at once, with each space being remotely controlled to match your individual temperature needs.

Mitsubishi Electric ducted systems can be fitted into an existing building and they’re also perfect for new homes. Once installed, only the grilles will be visible in each room, leaving you with a stylish and subtle climate control system. Most of the ducted air-conditioning systems we provide offer both cooling and heating, which is also called reverse cycle air conditioning.

Each of our ducted air conditioning installations can also be used with Advantage Air Langler Air. This clever touchscreen interface makes it easy to set your zones, change your temperatures, adjust the airflow and even set up scheduling for automatic comfort!

Expert and Professional Air Conditioning Installation

At Langler Air, we consider every installation to be important, which is why our installers are the very best in the industry!

We do more then the competition, after contacting us for a free quote, our specialists will complete a thorough walk-through of your building. We take note of specific elements, such as your level of insulation, ceiling height, air flow and the orientation of room. It is also important that we assess the cavity space of your ceiling since it can dictate which type of system is best to you.

After the assessment, we will schedule the installation process according to your preferred day and time. Each of our air conditioning installations meets or exceeds Australian standards and we promise to leave your home spotlessly clean.

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Want to get started with year-long comfort? Langler Air can offer a free quote and assessment for reverse cycle installation. We’ll determine the best system for you and complete the job to the highest standards.

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