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Do you need a system that is “cooling only” or “reverse cycle” (cooling and heating)?

‘Cooling only’ is cheaper, but only slightly. So, even if you have another form of heating, it’s worth considering a ‘reverse cycle’ unit as a back-up.

What size air conditioner unit will I need?

Correct sizing of air conditioners is very important – too big is just as bad a too small. Your Langler Air free quote takes into account many factors which affects the correct size of air conditioner for your circumstances.

Do you have ceiling insulation in your roof?

Another key consideration. A room with no insulation will require more capacity to air condition than a room with properly installed insulation.

Where are the windows in your room facing, i.e North, South, West or East?

This will affect the natural temperature of the room and has a big influence on the type of air-conditioning required.

What size are the windows in your room(s)?

Knowing the size of the windows will help your choice. So, once you have the measurements of the room, measure the height and width of your windows too.

Where are the units installed?

Indoor units are to be mounted on an external wall. Outdoor units must be located outside for hot air to discharge. The condenser can not be boxed in as ventilation to unit is necessary.

Who does the electrical work?

All split air conditioning systems up to 10.5 kW require 240 volt, single phase power. Systems over 10.5kW can be either Single or Three Phase and may require additional electrical modifications to your home. Units 5.2 kW and above require a separate circuit from the electrical board, still only 240V single phase. Langler Air use our own qualified and licensed electricians.

Is the new unit covered by a warranty?

All split air conditioning systems sold have a five year manufacturers warranty if installed to specifications by licensed refrigeration technicians. Once unit is installed, an annual maintenance program is available and recommended by the manufacturer to ensure unit works to its full capacity for the life of the system.

What is the ceiling height and floor area of the room (s) to be air-conditioned?

The size of the room has a big influence on the capacity of the unit you need. So, take the exact measurements and note them down.

Do you supply remote controls?

All units have a remote control with a timer, sleep modes and humidity control. These are battery operated. We ensure you fully understand how to operate the system before we leave.   Some units even have an app.  Don’t panic if you forget, you can always contact Langler Air who will be happy to assist.

What is the average running cost of home Air Conditioning?

Estimated average running cost of a split air conditioning unit, are as follows:-
1. Small unit 10 cents per hour
2. Medium unit 20 cents per hour
3. Large unit 35 cents per hour

What’s an inverter?

An inverter is energy saving technology that eliminates wasted operation in air conditioners by efficiently controlling motor speed.

Air conditioners maintain set temperature by cooling when room temperature rises above the set temperature and heating when the room temperature falls below the set temperature.

Do you supply spare filters?

All units have filters supplied in the indoor unit.  Langler Air can assist with any extra items and we’re happy to help.

What happens to the extracted moisture?

We love this, the indoor unit absorbs moisture out of the atmosphere on the cooling mode and the outdoor unit drains water on the heating mode. During installation, a drain is run from the indoor unit through the outdoor unit and into the nearest down pipe, drain or garden bed.  This is why you often see water dripping out of the Air Conditioning pipe.

Is Langler Air insured and licensed?

Yes. Langler Air have $10,000,000 worth of Public and Products liability cover. Our qualified tradesmen have all the necessary trade and OHS licence and work cover.

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