When you plan to buy air conditioner for your Perth home, one of the first thing you need to decide upon is your budget. It’s not just the cost of the split or ducted air conditioning unit but also installation.

Langler Air prides itself in being the best air conditioner installer in Perth. Our dedicated team has accomplished over 10,000 installations since 1995. If you are looking for the best brands of air conditioners with equally high customer service and installation, reach out to us here or call us at (08) 9228 3555.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

The Reverse cycle air conditioning systems can come in a split AC design or ducted system. Reverse cycle air conditioners perform both heating and cooling functions.

At Langler Air, we offer both split and ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems from reputed brands all across Australia with expert reverse cycle AC installation.

The installation charges of an air conditioner depend on the model you choose. Here are the two common types of air conditioners available in Western Australia.

1. Split System Air Conditioner

One of the most common air conditioning systems are split system air conditioners.  These typically are divided into two units. The outdoor unit consists of the condenser and compressor, and the indoor unit consists of the distribution channel where the cool (or hot) air flows out of.

Langler Air has an extensive range of split air conditioners for the best compact designs. Our advanced ACs can also be controlled through your smart phones and offer additional benefits, including air purification and de humidification.

2. Ducted Air Conditioner

Unlike split system air conditioners, ducted air conditioners distribute the cool air from a central cooling system across your house through ducts installed within the ceilings.

Ducted AC Installation requires high professional expertise. Our trained technicians are proficient in every type of ducted AC installation, regardless of the interior construction of your Perth home. With our ducted air conditioning systems and installation team, ducted AC installation is worry free for our home owners.

Our aircons are also compatible with Advantage Air, a user-friendly interface that enables remote temperature control for the entire house from one interface.

Installation Cost: Air Conditioner Pricing Perth

An air conditioner installation cost in Australia will depend on the model you choose and the service provider. Here is a cost guide on air conditioner installation costs to help you get an idea.

Based on Model

1. Split System AC Installation

The cost for installing a split AC reverse cycle system in Australia is approximately the same and can range from anywhere between $600 – $750 per unit. These air conditioners should be installed by a licensed technician only.

The hourly cost of the installer is approximately $60–$110 per hour, along with GST charges.

Our aircons are long-lasting, cost-effective and deliver outstanding performance consistently. If you are looking for efficient yet affordable air-cons, contact us for a free quote.

2. Ducted Reverse Cycle AC Installation

Since ducted AC installation requires setting up multiple vents and ducts throughout your house, the charges are comparatively higher. Along with the unit, it can cost anywhere between $6000 to $12,000 to get a ducted AC system installed.

At Langler Air, we offer premier conditioning service at an affordable price. You can visit our website to get a free quote on your ducted AC installation.

Based on Property Size – Ducted

1. Small Homes

If you are looking for an air conditioner for a small starter home, a 7kW or 10kW model will be enough. The cost will vary from $7,500 – $9,500, depending on the brand and outlets.

2. Mid Size Homes

Mid-size homes in Perth. Depending on the property area, you will probably need a 10kW or 12.5kW model ranging from $8,500 – $10,500.

3. Larger Family Homes

If you have a big family and a huge house, naturally, you will need a higher capacity aircon which can range from a 12.5kW – 14.0kW model to a 14.0kW – 17.0kW model. We suggest for this range; you keep a budget of $9500 to $14,000.

Options at Langler Air are never limited. Want a bigger air conditioner? Check our range of brands on our website.

For further information or any questions you may have, send us a messageor call us at (08) 9228 3555 to discuss your requirements better.

Based on Property Size – Split Systems

Commercial v/s Residential AC Installation

Air conditioning pricing Perth depends greatly on the purpose of use. If you are using the air conditioner for commercial purposes, we need to factor in a lot more.

Although the exact cost of installing commercial air conditioners will depend on the unit, the hourly cost can range from $80–$140 per hour, along with GST charges.

Since commercial units are designed to cool larger space, they are usually of higher capacity, making the unit costlier than residential ACs.

Final Thoughts

The installation of the air conditioning unit plays a major role in determining how well the unit will run. At Langler Air, we have been installing aircon of every type since 1995. Our knowledge, expertise and techniques ensure that you only get the best air conditioner installation in Perth.

Send us a message here, or shoot an email to info@langlerair.com.au to book your brand new aircon today!

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