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Ducted Air Conditioning With Daikin

When it comes to premier air conditioning systems, Daikin stands as a global frontrunner. Renowned for its relentless pursuit of innovation and quality, Daikin is the choice for those who desire the best.

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FREE Upgrade to the 6” I-Zone Nano Control With WiFi

$395 of added value, hurry end June

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FREE Upgrade to the 6” I-Zone Nano Control With WiFi

$395 of added value, hurry end June

Trusted across Perth

Don’t take our word for it, see what our happy customers have to say.

Benefits of Choosing Daikin Ducted Air Con

Design a ducted system where every room is just how you like it, with Langler Air.

Unwavering Performance

Experience top-notch efficiency and consistency, year after year.

Quiet Operation

Whisper-soft cooling and heating, ensuring uninterrupted tranquillity.

Advanced Technology

Cutting-edge systems equipped with smart features for an effortless user experience.


Designed with the environment in mind, Daikin is committed to sustainable solutions.

Langler Air: Your Daikin Specialist in Perth

Here at Langler Air, we’re not merely air conditioning experts; we’re Daikin enthusiasts. Our deep-rooted association with Daikin enables us to offer you the best in both products and services.

Why Trust Langler Air with Your Daikin System?

  • Certified Excellence: As recognised Daikin specialists, we uphold the brand’s values and standards.
  • Local Insights: We bring a profound understanding of Perth’s climate, ensuring your Daikin system is impeccably suited.
  • Skilled Technicians: Our team is trained directly by Daikin, guaranteeing flawless installations and maintenance.

Trust Langler Air for your ducted air conditioning needs

We understand the significance of your investment in Daikin. When you choose Langler Air, you’re not just purchasing an air conditioning system; you’re investing in a long-term relationship.

Our installations include:

Leave it to our skilled team of specialised technicians to help you achieve the perfect temperature, all day any day.

Book a FREE quote now


FREE Upgrade to the 6” I-Zone Nano Control With WiFi

$395 of added value, hurry end June

Take a Breath of Fresh, Cool Air

Dive into the future of home comfort with Daikin’s world-class systems and Langler Air’s unparalleled service. Let’s redefine your living comfort today.

We don’t believe a job is done until you’re able to put your feet up.

That’s why all system removals include any ceiling and roof tile repair work. We’ll coordinate and manage everything for you.

Enjoy A Transparent And Honest Quoting Process

Understand your needs and expectations

This first step is essential, enabling us to offer sound advice for the most desirable outcome. Once we know what your goals are, we can narrow down the products best suited.

Detailed on-site consultation

There are many details around installation design to consider that impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your system. That’s why all our pre-quote consultations are done on-site.

Priced up front

Expect this all in an email that’s followed up with a technical jargon-free call. We’ve found that by this stage in our process, most people have a few new questions. Plus, we’ll fully explain the details of our quote.

Efficient, neat and expert installations

This is the easy part. We’ll arrive on time, and complete the job with as little disruption to your schedule. You’ll be enjoying temperature bliss in no time.

Lifetime support and 10-year warranty

With Langler Air, your satisfaction is our top priority. We offer lifetime advice and support for all Mitsubishi Electric installations, and our 10-year warranty on installation components provides you with peace of mind.